global politics, relationally

9 Mar 2015
by Brandon Valeriano
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Just What Counts as a Diverse Scholar?: The Meaning and Importance of Diversity in International Studies Associations

It seems as if a critical mass of the community of IR scholars have settled on the notion that diversity is important, both in substance and in representation.  The problem is that this critical mass has very little conception of … Continue reading

9 Dec 2014
by Brandon Valeriano
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The Rise of the Cyber Moderates: Refusing to be defined by the Opposition

In the cyber security discourse, critics of cyber revolution hypotheses and the dominant coming “cyberwar” narrative tend to be painted as cyber skeptics.  I refuse to accept this terminology.  It is a dangerous and dismissive technique that seeks to limit … Continue reading

5 Dec 2014
by Brandon Valeriano

Blaming James Franco: North Korean Cyber Warfare

“Wait and see”, that was the response of the North Korean government when asked if they were responsible for a massive cyber infiltration of Sony networks likely reaching 100TBs of data and paralyzing Sony’s networks.  While we are witnessing new … Continue reading