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Russian Cyber Sports: Hacking the White House

The CNN report supporting the conclusion that Russia has been hacking the State Department and the White House for months plays into the cyber security narrative for both sides of the debate, those who see little new from the cyber domain and those who see this as a revolution in military and diplomatic affairs.  Given my perspective as a cyber moderate, I find much of the same with the incident.  It does demonstrate that cyber actions are a reality and occurring with more frequency, but it also supports the point we make throughout our book that cyber actions are typically low level espionage attacks and often the fault of the target.

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Cyber Changes Everything?

It seems as if writing up a blog to support an article release is becoming necessary, so I will do my part to support a recent article Ryan Maness and I published at Armed Forces and Society (ungated here). This is a particularly interesting article for me because the goal of our work has always been to get to this point, to create a dataset that would allow us to empirically test cyber security questions – which is exactly what we do here.

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Blaming James Franco: North Korean Cyber Warfare

Wait and see”, that was the response of the North Korean government when asked if they were responsible for a massive cyber infiltration of Sony networks likely reaching 100TBs of data and paralyzing Sony’s networks.  While we are witnessing new connections in international affairs between industry and diplomacy, we are also witnessing more of the same in the field of cyber security.  Limited operations – mostly against third parties, operations more akin to espionage rather than war, and ineptitude on the side of the target.   James-Franco-in-The-Interview_article_story_large

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