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Capitulating to Cyber Demands: What Has Sony Done?

Not even a week has gone by and my blog on the Monkey Cage/Washington Post about the hack of Sony by North Korea is already likely outdated.  North Korea’s cyber team dubbing themselves the Guardians of the Peace vowed to make Sony “Remember the 11th of September 2001”.  This threat appears to have motivated Sony to remove The Interview from circulation, capitulating to demands.  This might be the first actual effective use of cyber coercion, ever.  regal_cinemas_imax_630_flickr Continue reading

Blaming James Franco: North Korean Cyber Warfare

Wait and see”, that was the response of the North Korean government when asked if they were responsible for a massive cyber infiltration of Sony networks likely reaching 100TBs of data and paralyzing Sony’s networks.  While we are witnessing new connections in international affairs between industry and diplomacy, we are also witnessing more of the same in the field of cyber security.  Limited operations – mostly against third parties, operations more akin to espionage rather than war, and ineptitude on the side of the target.   James-Franco-in-The-Interview_article_story_large

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