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14 Nov 2016
by Brandon Valeriano
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International Relations Scholarship in the Age of Trump

The electoral college victory of Donald Trump has been devastating for too many reasons to count, from the impact on the middle class, the poor, minorities, and even Texas. This man is a threat to our nation’s well-being economically, politically, … Continue reading

25 May 2016
by Brandon Valeriano

Embracing our Failures

Guest post by Sara Mitchell, University of Iowa My daughter recently played in the regional high school team tennis competition, she played singles in addition to the number one player on her team (#1 at regionals). On the drive home, my … Continue reading

19 May 2016
by Brandon Valeriano

Turning Over the Table: Failing or Succeeding in the Tenure Process

Navel gazing at the tenure process continues and anxiety can be crippling. The same unfortunate lessons keep coming up, the University will outlive us all.  We can be discarded at any time or for just about any reason, regardless of … Continue reading