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International Relations Scholarship in the Age of Trump

The electoral college victory of Donald Trump has been devastating for too many reasons to count, from the impact on the middle class, the poor, minorities, and even Texas. This man is a threat to our nation’s well-being economically, politically, and socially. Those saying everything will be alright need to wake up the dire threat he and his team of deplorables are to ethnic minorities, people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, and other diverse groups. But we also must investigate the foreign policy impact of President Trump.

The team that Trump will appoint will be full of the scrubs and discards of the Bush Administration, in fact it is often made of those too extreme to even serve in polite society.  Instead of draining the swamp we are restocking it and throwing a few non-native invasive species in for good measure.  From John “lose ten floors of the UN” Bolton, to Sarah “you can see Russia from Alaska” Palin, to his team of Russia sycophants who will likely trade Ukraine and the Baltics for Russian support on our war against the Islamic State, nothing good can come from this election from the foreign policy perspective and this has a direct impact on the work we do as IR scholars. We must deal with this issue in our research.   11chappatte-master768-v2

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The Political Prescience of Veep

Forget the political sensibilities of the Daily Show or John Oliver. While Key & Peele, Broad City, and other shows like Maron or Louie that hit highs, the real winner of both the comedy battle and the battle for political accuracy was Veep (a follow up to The Thick of It).  veepseason4-700x369

Chronicling the misadventures of Selina Meyer, an isolated and irrelevant Vice President who through time finds herself as President and presiding over an election for her political life led by a bunch of well meaning (and sometimes not so well meaning) incompetents.  Washington DC is outright poisoned and Veep gets it right, especially with this last Fourth season.

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