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The Rise of the Cyber Moderates: Refusing to be defined by the Opposition

In the cyber security discourse, critics of cyber revolution hypotheses and the dominant coming “cyberwar” narrative tend to be painted as cyber skeptics.  I refuse to accept this terminology.  It is a dangerous and dismissive technique that seeks to limit the influence of moderates and critics because they will not proselytize about the expanding range of military power in the digital age.  It also obscures a greater point, we can study the field of cyber security as the domain evolves and not assume that we have seen the evolution play out already with the emergence of the technology.  As with all technologies that might have a role to play in war and diplomacy, we have to understand its uses, limits, and impacts.  To be moderate about this process accepts that all research is confronted with promises and pitfalls, that there is much to discover before we assume knowledge. Moderate-Balance

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