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Just What Counts as a Diverse Scholar?: The Meaning and Importance of Diversity in International Studies Associations

It seems as if a critical mass of the community of IR scholars have settled on the notion that diversity is important, both in substance and in representation.  The problem is that this critical mass has very little conception of why diversity matters and just who counts as diverse.  Often the debate is driven by interested parties who are not members of “diverse” communities themselves.  While it is commendable for anyone to be fighting for what they think of as right, many advocates of diversity also (possibly unintentionally) manage to marginalize some diverse scholars, pit the quest for gender diversity against the need for ethnic diversity, and prioritize regional diversity over other forms of inclusiveness. Almost all notions of diversity that are used by advocates of diversity in the field neglect some aspect of either substantive or representational diversity.  In short, because actual ethnic diversity is so limited in the academy, our dreams and desires are being articulated by agendas that are counterproductive to the movement.   diversity

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