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Can You Have Productivity Without Accountability and Punishment?

On a podcast I heard some time ago featuring Ray Romano (of Everybody Loves Raymond* fame) had the actor commenting on his writing and work process.  He basically admitted he was addicted to various unproductive habits and activities.  As a way of weaning himself away from these problems and impediments on his productivity; he would make bets with himself.  If he did not do X today, he would not be able to play a round of golf the next day.  If he failed to prepare a script, he would not be able to watch football that night.   Ever since then I have wondered how important accountability and punishment is for productivity.  Do we need to instill fear of the consequences to our own failure to ensure we move forward with our work?

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Musing about Israel’s expansion of settlements as a punishment to the Palestinians

Last Week Israel announced more construction in the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The new measure included publishing bids for the construction of nearly 1,500 housing units and the revival of plans for 1,800 more housing units.
For over a decade now I’ve been grappling to understand the logic behind Israel’s settlement policies. At first it was simply the puzzlement of one who still maintains some ties to the country he left and who loves to follow its fascinating (though often depressing) politics. In recent years, as I expended my study of religious radicalism to look beyond the jihadi universe, the “crazies” (?) of my tribe seemed a fascinating subject to explore.

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