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25 Jul 2017
by Laura Sjoberg

In the Face of Diversifying Threats: Reorienting Indo-Israel Partnerhsip to Cyber and Maritime Security

This is a guest post by Karan Tripathy, Faculty of Law, Symbiosis International University  Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three day visit to Israel not only marks 25 years of diplomatic relationship with the West Asian superpower but an explicit expression … Continue reading

12 Jun 2017
by Laura Sjoberg

On Writing ‘These Days of Shoah’: History and Fear, Then and Now

This is a post in the series on The International Origins of Social and Political Theory, eds. Tarak Barkawi and George Lawson. This post is by Daniel Levine, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama, discussing his contribution. A response will … Continue reading

14 Jul 2014
by R. William Ayres

Waves of War and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Like my good friend Steve Saideman, I don’t write much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is academically odd, given that most of my stuff has been on ethnic conflict, secessionism, and irredentism, and the whole Israel/Palestine thing falls smack in … Continue reading

10 Jun 2014
by Barak Mendelsohn

Musing about Israel’s expansion of settlements as a punishment to the Palestinians

Last Week Israel announced more construction in the settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The new measure included publishing bids for the construction of nearly 1,500 housing units and the revival of plans for 1,800 more housing units. … Continue reading

12 Apr 2014
by Laura Sjoberg

Discourse analysis of “Israel Apartheid Week”: Where’s the peace?

This is a post by Renee Marlin-Bennett. Security issues at RelationsInternational have made the author byline incorrect. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. On the Wednesday of Israel Apartheid Week, the daily email announcements from the University included the following: Palestinian … Continue reading