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Joining the Dark Side, Part 2: Why Not?

IUnknownn my previous post I talked about the reasons why faculty might want to go into academic administration (chair, dean, director, provost, etc.) Some of those reasons are good ones and some are not – the kind of administrator you become is in part a function of the motivations you carry into the job.

What you get out of administration can also affect your longevity in it. As Anakin Skywalker proved, even becoming Darth Vader isn’t an irreversible process. Most folks who go into administration can go back again – there is no River Styx that, once crossed, cannot be crossed again. So if you end up not liking it, escape is possible.

Before you take that step, however, it makes sense to think not only about why you’re doing it and what you might gain but also what you might have to give up. Most things in life involve value trade-offs, and moving from faculty to administration is no different. Here is a list of some of the things you can expect to cough up in exchange for your new-found administrative position (with commentary):

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