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17 Dec 2016
by Laura Sjoberg

The State of Relations International – Changes Afoot!

Dear Readers, I have been a terrible lead blogger over the last year. Terrible. I’d understand it if you didn’t read this post because you’ve forgotten Relations International except for the great posts that Brandon and Patrick have made in … Continue reading

20 May 2014
by Brandon Valeriano

What Blogging Can Do for You

It should go without saying that blogging is an important and beneficial part of the academic landscape.  The problem is that we still need to have these conversations.  Some don’t see the benefits of blogging (the whole ISA debacle reinforces … Continue reading

28 Jan 2014
by Laura Sjoberg


Welcome to Relations International. This is developing into a new blog in International Relations (IR), addressing topics of global politics and the study of global politics, broadly defined. In the coming days, the contributors will be introducing themselves, and the … Continue reading