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22 Jun 2017
by Patrick Thaddeus Jackson
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On not overcoming divides

This post by PTJ is part of the RI feature series on The International Origins of Social and Political Theory, eds. Tarak Barkawi and George Lawson. It is a response to Beate Jahn’s post “Modern social and political thought has its origins in imperialism … Continue reading

8 Dec 2016
by Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

Melt Our Guns

Or, “in which PTJ attempts to use some reflections on the aesthetics of progressive rock to flesh our a way for international studies scholarship to ‘go on’ in these turbulent times.” Our wide eyes Aren’t naive They’re a product of … Continue reading

3 Sep 2016
by Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

Safe spaces and hospitable classrooms

In my last post here I argued that the infamous University of Chicago missive about “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” rested on a rather profound mischaracterization of the issues as being about preventing student discomfort in the classroom. The position … Continue reading