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Don’t Let it Die- When to Save an Article

I have written before about terminating a research article, taking it out back and killing it.  Sometimes it’s just better to eliminate something rather than put more energy into saving a piece that really can’t be saved (cue the Coldplay song).  It seems so often our work is predicated on simple alterations in prior models or theories.  When our International Relations findings are incremental and muted, these articles become very tough to publish.  At that point, kill it.  Kill it with fire.  The deeper question is when to save something, when to persist despite all the signals that your should give up the project and move on?

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So You Want to Publish Your Dissertation (Tips from an Academic Editor)

Last fall Roger Haydon, Executive Editor at Cornell University Press,* came to visit Central European University to meet with a series of hopeful authors and give two talks–one on turning the dissertation into a book and another on changes in the academic publishing world (discussed in a separate post).

Why is book publication important to scholars? Publishing one’s research in the form of a monograph has long been the coin of the realm in much of the social sciences and humanities—helping one to score a good tenure-track job, secure tenure, and literally forge the scholar’s academic reputation in his or her research community.  It is certainly still true for most scholars of international relations and comparative politics that one’s reputation hinges on publishing excellent books at prestigious presses.

With a long record of cultivating scholars and award-winning academic books, Roger was a great guest speaker on the topic of academic publishing.  Here are some of his best tips on turning one’s dissertation into a book, summarized below (see Roger’s full-text handout here, which he adapted from Emily Andrew, at UBC Press):

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