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Conference Tweeting


This is a post by Jenny Lobasz. Security Issues at RelationsInternational have made the author byline incorrect Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This may come as a surprise to those who followed my flurry of ISA 2014 tweets, but I actually spend very little time on Twitter. In the “real world,” (for ISA feels, at least, as though it takes place in another dimension), I’m more likely to be found on Facebook or the select blog. Twitter, however, seems tailor-made for conferences and other special events, and so I figured that my inaugural Relations International post might as well highlight a handful of resources for the verbose conference tweeter:

One final tip: not only should tweeters (tweeps?) use the conference hashtag (e.g. #isa2014), you should also use session hashtags (e.g. #sd04) to make it easy for people to follow specific conversations.

  • Laura Sjoberg

    As someone who didn’t (doesn’t) entirely understand tweeting when I start(ed) doing it at conferences, one more tip: don’t use the conference hashtag when you don’t want to draw it to the attention of everyone at the meeting, not just your friends. Two years ago at the governing council meeting, some friends and I were tweeting not-too-graceful things about said meeting, thinking it was only for us and our followers. Imagine our surprise to find the tweets on the 8 x 10 screen that was posting all tweets with #ISA2012 …

  • jlobasz

    A moment that I immortalized the following year on the ISA BINGO card fundraiser for the LGBTQA Caucus :).